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Discoid Lupus treatment for Paola

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Greeting for everyone

I am from Argentina and i am here wants to raise funds to help my cousin, Paola whose live at venezuela that currently fight with discoid lupus.

Paola diagnosed with Lupus when she was 18 Years old

18 Years old girl, the age when many young people live happily enjoying their youth.

But it became a bit different for my cousin. My cousin Paola is an 18 year old Venezuelan girl who was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus a year ago.

She should enjoying her hobby as well enjoy her youth, but she needs to take medication for lifetime and spend many days at hospital. She has been going through treatment ever since last year, as well as further studies due to other professionals disagreeing with the previous diagnosis

Paola condition became worse recently

Not long ago she had a relapse that had her hospitalized and needing blood donors and medication urgently. She needs a new treatment to stabilize her immune system, which is quite expensive for anyone who lives in Venezuela due to the shortage of medical supplies in the entire country. Most of the medication needs to be smuggled into the country from the border or further away which makes the price increase two or three times as much.

Her friend was willing to help her by giving a blood donation

unfortunately, She’s doing worse. She still doing medication until now, her blood pressure has been high for 3 days, her kidneys are not working properly so she’s retaining a lot of liquid making her body look swollen, her eyes got so swollen she could barely open them but fortunately today she could open them. She is such a lovely and active girl before, it makes me sad when remembering that she doing unwell because of her sickness.

She is unable to attend school for a while due to her condition

Recently, Paola also has water in her lungs. This condition making the whole situation became a little more complicated than it already is.

For about 1 month, she’s not able to attend school, she’s been hospitalized for that long to recover from her condition.

she needs some antibiotics that also work as immunosuppressive because his body is attacking itself. I’m not really sure the medical explanation but i really want to help Paola to able to do her daily activities as she did before.

I would like to help and support Paola's medical necessarily

I don't know how much exact Paola and her family needs to do the medical cost. It’s hard to determine because It’s a lifetime treatment, honestly. The thing is with our financial situation, we need help to buy her medical supplies for a while. At least until she is able to leave Venezuela and hopefully come to Argentina and get her treatment here for free.

All the funds collected will be used for Paola medical expenses, including medication and surgery.

Paola and her family (including me) would be extremely thankful for any help we might receive. She is a sweet young woman who wishes to continue living a normal life even through the hard times.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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