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Help Me to Uncover The Secrets of Aceh and Turkey's History

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the flag image of country Muhammad AlMunawir
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Hi everyone!

My name is Muhammad Al Munawir, but people know me as Awien Syuib, a YouTuber from Aceh.

Today, I have 25,327 subscribers and 69,127 followers in Instagram. As a public figure, I love to share about travelling around Indonesia, especially in Aceh to get more closer with my own culture.

Find The Reality about Aceh-Turkey's History

To deepen my knowledge about my own culture, Turkey is so meaningful for me.

History records that The Sultanate of Aceh and The Ottoman Sultanate had established diplomatic relations in the past. Turkey competed with other European countries in the spice trade. Aceh once sent envoys to Turkey, asking for military assistance. It was recorded in 1547, in the era of Sultan Suleiman I, the Ambassador of Aceh came to Istanbul for political needs.

Aceh also has sent messengers along with a number of gifts such as gold, precious stones, spices, and perfumes to the Sultan of Ottoman. In addition, Aceh built a spice trade in the Middle East. In return, Turkey provided military assistance in the form of weapons, military experts and protection for Aceh. The relationship then made Aceh a protectorate of the Ottoman Empire until the 18th century.

Today, Aceh and Turkey still have a lot of similarities but not all Acehnese or Indonesian people know it. Moreover, romanticism of the relationship between these two regions in the past makes us learn a lot. Both of them protect each other and from that history we learn that world can remain safe and peaceful by looking after each other.

That is why, I hope I can go to Turkey to visit some meaningful place to educate and promote about culture and other good things about two countries in the past. At present, there may be a lot of creator content that tells about Turkey.

But if I have the opportunity, I will focus on historical values and the truth about glories in the past so my followers can get good conclusions through more meaningful content.

And I want to give the proof that I am qualified enough as a YouTube with positive and knowledge-able content.

Reasons why I need Airtripp Funding

For this time, I am still a student at an university in Aceh.

So far, I have tried to get funding from my parents. But, because they still have responsibility on my siblings for their education, my parents do not have enough money to support this activity. Besides, even though I get some income through YouTube, the costs required for this activity are still not enough.

What I want to do in Turkey

I want to explore the history of Turkey and its relation to Aceh. I hope that I will find the right person (historian expert) who will help me to find new facts about Aceh's history.

Besides that, I want to find out about Turkish variety of culinary. So far, Turkish food in Aceh that I found was only Kebab. Though there are many foods that make me curious like Lokum (Turkish delight), Dondurma, Kunefe, Kadaif and so on, where these Turkish foods are a blend of Asian and European food.

Details on needed amount

I would like to raise enough funds for the following: for my visa (35 USD) I will use my personal saving. Then for my flight ticket it requires 1.400 USD to commute. For transport and food 70 USD, and for lodging 125 USD a week.


If I receive your support, I will be able to visit Turkey in October this year! When I receive a flight ticket from Airtripp, I will apply for a tourist visa.

If I go to Turkey, I want to meet all my Turkish friends. and Indonesians, especially Acehnese who are studying there.

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