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Craft Cheese Workshop

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1. I realize my creative potential in creating new tastes in craft cheese making and get income from my business

2. The local population will sell milk at a higher price, since there will be no monopoly on the purchase of milk

3. Private households will sell fruits and berries, bypassing the cost of transportation to the market

4. The jobs created by me will allow the employees of my dairy to receive a decent salary, work at the place of residence, which will allow them to spend more time with their families and not look for a living in big cities or abroad.

5. Buyers will eat green products.

I want to create a small family brewery with a milk processing volume of 100l. per day, at the initial stage, with the prospect of increasing production to 300 liters and attracting additional labor.

Purchase of missing equipment

outlet opening

3..production and sale of cheeses, sour cream, yoghurts, cottage cheese desserts

4. Creation of 2 new jobs

After implementation, the project will continue to work, production, procurement, sales, creation of additional jobs will increase, which will lead to the development of rural business.

If not difficult, support me! We work for the good!

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