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I really need an inexpensive car to take my daughter to her sport class

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Dear friends!

My name is Mikalai. I live in Minsk, Belarus. I work as a physiotherapist - rehabilitologist.

I really need to buy an inexpensive car so that my daughter can go to her sport class. Next I will tell you my story.

She plays figure skating sports

My beloved daughter, Alex, has been playing figure skating sports since she was 4 years old. She is very diligent and hardworking, she loves sports and is happy to attend training. She is now 7 years old, in July 2020 she will be 8. Alexa successfully passes the annual translation exams.

Alexa naturally goes to school. Alexa’s sports classes take place 6 days a week, including ice classes, choreography and special sports training, trampolining, for training jumps. I work a lot, and my daughter’s classes take place during the day. Therefore, I need to take her to her training, and then, return again to my workplace — I work as a physiotherapist and rehabilitation therapist in the office of sports medicine. Therefore, I can’t do it without a personal car!

After my car crashed, we take taxi everyday

It’s very expensive to take a taxi every day, and it’s not possible to be on time by public transport, given that the sports facilities are quite far away. Unfortunately, my personal car had an accident and now I don’t have a car.

Please add up my savings for inexpensive car

I want to buy an inexpensive, used car. From all options, I chose a reliable option: WV Golf1998, 2000 model year. The price of such a car is $ 2,300 USD. I do not have $ 900 USD to buy it although I have the remaining $ 1,400 USD.

I really want my daughter to pursue the sport further, to show her remarkable athletic performance and I am ready to do everything for her, but without a car it is difficult to support her.

Thank you, for supporting us

I will be very grateful to everyone who will help me realize my daughter's dreams. May God protect you all! health and happiness to your family and friends!

I live in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus. I work as a physiotherapist-rehabilitologist in the Sports Palace, in the office of sports medicine. I am always ready to help everyone!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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