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Mom is in ICU more than 3 months: Chronic Kidney/Heart D.

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Hello everyone...

Our Mom, Carmela Saboren, known as "Mel" to family and friends, has been in the hospital since October 29, 2019 and the ICU since November 2019.

She was diagnosed with sepsis (infection in the blood), chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and ischemic heart disease. On her first week in the ICU, she also had stroke that paralyzed the right part of her body with loss of speech. She also acquired pneumonia.

Mom has developed resistance to the majority of the antibiotics given to her which made it very challenging to get her out of infections. Along with sepsis, Mom had gone through 3 cycles of pneumonia and medication.

She is now on life support machines to help her breathe. Her immune system is compromised.

We are praying for her healing.

Mom is undergoing dialysis 3 times a week along with physical therapy while in the ICU. She had blood transfusion, and we are looking for more blood donors because she need it beside dialysis.

As we take care of her in the hospital, the doctors asked us to prepare for a long-term care at home which would include a ventilator, hiring a nurse/s to help us in managing the tubes on her body (4 tubes), medicines administration and monitoring the machines. And we will need to bring her to the hospital with an ambulance for dialysis, 3 times a week.

Please help us to cover the medical cost

Our medical expenses for post-ICU will be $3,000 USD per month. It will add our running bill which is already at $25,000 USD that consist of the medical treatment per January, 12 2020 which is $17,500 USD (PHP 863,967) and the health professionals $7,500 USD (PHP 356,700) per December 2019.

Papa needs us too

While Mom is in ICU at the moment, we also need to take care of our father Ed who had a heart attack on November 21, on Mom's confinement week 4. Our dad needs to go through angiogram and possibly angioplasty.

Please help us take care of our Mom Mel and Dad Ed. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. May the Lord return it to you a hundredfold.

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Jennifer, Jackieline and Brian Saboren

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


Mom, Carmela A. Saboren, died on 17 February 2020 afternoon, after 3.5 months staying at the ICU of the Quirino Memorial Medical Center. This leaves us with remaining due balance of 1.3 million PHP of hospital bills and professional fees. In this mourning period, we can not figure out how to settle the bill. Please, we really need your help. Thank you.

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