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Jose Gregorio Arias Nava’s Funeral expenses.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Geraldine from Philippines.

I am here would like to raise funds for helping my boyfriend. His father passed away and we need financial support for the funaral expenses

My boyfriend's father suffered from several diseases

The father of my boyfriend (in the picture) was in the hospital of Colombia since December 2019. He was suffering from pneumonia with early tuberculosis and was also diagnosed as a cancer patient.

After a long journey fighting with his sickness, Unfortunately, father did not make it, I feel really sad that I was not there to see him alive, as he died from cancer.

He passed away on January 27, 2020

Help them to pay the funeral expenses

At first, this project was conceived to help the family to pay the hospital bills, medicines, etc. and we are really thankful for the support received so far.

May we continually ask for your support to help the loved ones of the deceased father of my boyfriend, to afford the funeral expenses. I am also not well of to fully support them. Some donations would do. Please, help me to help them.

Their income is not Stable

their income is not much the father only selling paintings and my boyfriend is selling cream for massage.

They stayed in Colombia looking for good fortune but they were unfortunate. They are originally from Venezuela. I even sent some money just because they cannot eat and the father has run out of diapers,

my boyfriend has nothing to spend anymore and he has been homeless as he got kicked out from the apartment due to lack of money. He stood by his father's side until his last breath.

Details on needed funds

This situation is though for my him to face by himself, he has nothing left, place to stay after pay the medical bill. I would like to help him by the funeral of his father and if there any additional, i would like to give it to him so he can continue with a good start to make living

All of the collected support will be given to him through westerunion as i always do.

One of my regrets is that i cannot see his father when he was alive, i only see him through a video call or sharing pictures. I wish he rest in peace above there.

I am also not well of to fully support them. Some donations would do. Please, help me to help them.

God bless your good heart.

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