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I want the world to learn GIS in a fun and easy way

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I am Paul, Thank you for completing the GIS survey I had made.

For the last 5 years I have worked on a project to create successful GIS courses, under the name Digital Maps Online ( founded in July 2014, as a Facebook page.

About GIS

GIS stands for geographical information systems. It is a variety of software that can do spatial analysis, statistics and maps based on geographical data.

Basically you can do any analysis and display data in maps and other types of methods: ie diagrams, Web Maps.

My career in GIS

I have been making maps since 2014. I started making courses in 2016. The courses teach people the basics of map making and data analysis in a GIS software.

I have created courses on using ArcGIS for Hydrology, using Python in ArcGIS as well as using open source software QGIS for map making and satellite image classification, with other professionals. You can find some of the courses on Udemy and Geo University, listed below.

I would like to open New course on GIS

To learn GIS in fun and easy way is very important. in my opinion, for young students and professionals who want to learn the various tools GIS to have quick access to the desired course. I care about helping students, therefore the courses are available at a low price, and I want to keep it this way.

the goal of the fundraising is to open new courses. I have already contacted the teachers (GIS professionals) and started hiring them to do some videos. I would need more money to make sure I do not run out of funds, so the courses could be completed in a timely manner.

I have created a survey, with almost 300 responses, based on which I found which subjects are most wanted by the target audience and have already contacted GIS professionals to create courses.I already hired 3 professionals to finish making the courses and video.

The courses will be on: 1. Using ArcGIS for remote sensing 2. Using spatial analysis tools in ArcGIS 3. Writing Python scripts in ArcGIS for spatial analysis

Details on Needed Funds

I would need more than 500$, around $900, but I will invest the money that are required until the project is finished. The amount from airfunding will also be invested. I can ask the GIS professionals to make more videos. I can also use some money to invest into marketing the courses, to reach more GIS students.

I would love it if you could join me in creating more courses, by donating to my project or if you could use the button to share my project.

If you donate any amount above 5$ you get access to one of the courses, above 10$ you get two courses, above 15$ you can get all of the three courses and above 50$ you get a t-shirt shipped to you, with the name of the course.

With the greatest pleasure,

Paul Nicoara

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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