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In pursue of my creativity in garment and clothes

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My name is Dasha. I live in Belarus, in the city of Bobruisk with my family. I am married and have 2 fantastic children.

My occupation is sewing wedding dresses. From ideas and incarnations. I do not work for myself, they pay very little. The idea of ​​your business exists since childhood.

I already have good sewing experience in various fields, and it is time to apply it to what my soul and heart require.

I have the fabulous idea to create sleepwear and underwear from natural materials and embroider them with national symbols and motives in order to support my country and national uniqueness. I am for comfort and eco-friendliness, for that reason I am using only natural materials. The women's pajamas and underwear from natural fabrics will be decorated with designer embroidery.

I have always been committed to the natural. This is especially true for tissues, the feeling of them on the body, comfort and freedom. And the idea with embroidery is a cool version of the decor of products and their uniqueness.

Therefore, I need funds for equipment, in particular for an embroidery machine

The embroidery machine is called Janome Memori Craft 9900. Its total cost is USD 1800 $

But, if I do not collect this amount, then the one that will be collected will be spent on fabric and custom embroidery.

I would be very grateful for your interest and support! Thank you so much!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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