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Support for my family's living expenses!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Vanessa Marques and I live in Mandura, Brazil!

I would like to receive some help to cover the daily expenses of my family, as my husband is not currently able to work.

My husband had an accident and can't work

Last December my husband had an accident.

He works making slab rails for roof constructions. That day one of the iron bars fell from the machine and hit his hand causing him a bone fracture.

The doctor told him to stop working during 90 days. The problem is that during that period, he won't receive any income.

I'm taking care of our 2 children

We have a 3 years daughter and a 4 years son.

I'm using all my time on taking care of them, so I don't work. My husband's salary is all what we got. Currently we're not able to afford our rent or the daily expenses and the situation is getting hard.

The rent is a very important issue as if we are not able to pay it we can get kicked out of the house.

My husband doesn't have work insurance so he is receiving nothing. The government promised us aid, but its going to come after 45 days.

Nobody can help us

Last month our family helped a little and we managed to survive.

They are not in position to help further as their financial situation is not good either. Taking a loan in the bank is not an option.

Airtripp Funding is the last chance for my family so I really hope for your support!

Details on needed funds

In order to pay our living expenses during one month I would like to collect $400. I would really appreciate any help you can bring to my family.


Any support amount I receive will be used on my family.

We have runned out of savings, but if I achieve my target I will be able to provide my family during a month.

My husband will be able to work again in about 2 months. From then everything will back to normally.

In case I can't collect funds I don't know what to do. Therefore, I sincerely ask for help from everyone to save my family!

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