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I want to pay an arm surgery for my mum!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Pham Thi and I live in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

I'm raising funds for an arm surgery my mum needs!

My mum's arm was broken due to a traffic accident

Last year my mum got her arm broken in a traffic accident.

After the accident she underwent surgery to use some nails in her arm's bone to weld it.

She still has the nails in her bone which is so painful for her that sometimes she can't even move her arm.

Daily life difficulties

Mum used to work making tofu but currently she can't do it.

My dad used to work as security staff but due to poor health condition he had to quit. I'm working as a hotel housekeeper. My salary is about $200.

I'm trying to support my family with my own salary as much as I can.

If my mum could take the surgery to remove the nails she would be able to work again and our daily life would be better. However, I don't know how to save enough money to make it real.

We couldn't renew the health insurance

Until last year we could enjoy a health insurance.

Due to financial problems we weren't able to renew it which means that we should pay the whole cost of the surgery.

I considered asking relatives and neighbors for some help, but now everyone is spending a lot of money on the preparation for the celebration of the New Year in my country.

Details on needed funds

The cost for the surgery and treatment would be $700. We have saved $200 so we would need only $500. I hope you can support us!


If I can collect enough funds, as soon as I receive them I will take my mum to the hospital.

She is in pain so I would like to do it as soon as possible. Also, if we let her arm like this it could be dangerous.

In case I can't get enough support I will have to wait until save the amount we need. Please, I hope for everyone to support my mum! Thank you!

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