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My name is Emmanuel Jan. I'm 26 years old from Philippines.

Today, finding a job is really difficult. Long story short, my son was born last September 2019 without any savings. I decided to become a streamer because this is a job that will definitely accept me. But in addition to creativity, facilities are really needed to support the best work. So this is where I invite you to participate in helping me to achieve this cool job. FYI: Game Streamer (gaming) is what I mean here.

How can I survive until now?

I have become an online freelancer for 5 years already, earning my income online but till this day I haven’t save enough money.

During that time, I do t-shirt redesigns but its hard to finding customers. That’s why I set up a fiverr gig to have an extra income (don’t have any customers atm)

Beside of that work, I also decided to do again affiliate marketing which I am a little familiar with. I do music too, I earned $10 on my first 3 months which I didn’t really worked it out but this year I decided to push it so I would earn much more.

Since i already do an Online work for 5 years, It has become difficult to get a job since I only know how to earn money online. Although I do part time jobs, but it's not enough to even support me not including my family.

Some of my Debts already overdue.

As everyone knows that for the delivery costs for my baby are not that cheap. My son just born last september 2019 and i need to support my family. I decided to take a loan for the sake of my family to survive.

As of now I am currently have many debts, some are late and overdue (that’s how I survive till now borrow and loaning money online and offline)

Because of the debt I became a bit stressful and can’t focus on my work and other things that I plan to work on to have a passive income stream.

I want to become stramer so i could get additional income

I just learned about facebook gaming in which i can earn stars that i can convert in cash. I decided to try it out since I do play games when I am not working. And I see a lot of potential in this industry if you are just hard working.

Due to that reason, i would like to became a streamer so i can take care of my children also i can earn cash too.

However, my equipment is not enough to gain more star (if i got star, to earn cash will increase).

Details on need funds

To became a good streamer, at least i need several equipment so i able to attract the audience. HI need at least about $1,000, the list will be explained below

And The rest is to pay for the debt I had and to invest in other business idea that I am sure that will generate me income.

All of the items above are essential for me to gain more audience.

Your help will be Help me and my family

If this project will be successful , first I will buy a webcam and the external drive (I really need those two) Then I will start to slowly pay my debt one at a time. And use the other funds to the business ideas to make me earn more reliable and stable income and i will be able to support my children.

I will really appreciate all of your help. Thank you in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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