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Make come true my dream of studying Korean in South Korea!

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Hello! I'm Zaira Holguin from Chihuahua, Mexico!

My dream is to live in South Korea, a very culturally rich country.

I like many aspects about South Korea, starting from dramas like Do bong soon, music bands like BTS or Pentagon, videogames like Black Dezert, their LOL teams... But not only, that, I also live their culture, architecture, customs, gastronomy, technology...

While admiring the pictures about South Korea that my Airtripp friends sent to me, I realized that I really needed to be able to live there as they, and that thought become stronger by the day quickly.

What I want to do in South Korea

I want to learn about the language and culture in a Korean School in Seoul. When I finish the school I would like to find a job that helps me stay longer in South Korea.

I want to do many things! Visit traditional spots, enjoying a K-POP live, tasting delicious food, make a lot of Korean friends...

I am planning to attend a Korean language school in Gangnam, Seoul as I have Korean friends near and I think is a very fashionable and interesting place . For the first few months I would like to stay at a Korean family's house. In my opinion, it's a very nice idea to be able to practice Korean and to experience the Korean daily life.

To make my dream come true

I know that my dream is difficult, but not impossible with the right effort! I'm working almost 10 hours a day in a shop in my city y trying to learn Korean my myself. The Korean pronuntiation is quite difficult but I receive help and advices from my Airtripp friends.

It is very difficult for me to save money because I use what I recive to pay the households and my sister's school fees, but I am working hard without giving up my dreams.

Details on needed amount

The school that I want to enter is the language school "Lexis Korea language school" located in Gangnam, Seoul, as I said before. I'd like to study there from April of 2019 for 6 months. To cover the school tuition, the student visa, and other expenses detailed below I would need a sum of $ 13,000.


Once I reach the target amount, I will pay the school tuition and apply for a student visa. After my 6 months in the school I really want to find a job to be able to stay longer in Seoul.

I really want to enjoy life in South Korea!

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