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I've always been independent, moved out of my house by age of 16 to pursue my study. Was hungry all the time. When friends asked if I wanted to eat with them, I'd usually reply, I've eaten in the morning. I lied.

My family isn't the most supportive but I've my dreams, to graduate.

Guess that's what I've been led to think. Fast forward to current, I've graduated from University and was doing quite ok. It wasn't until I got married and had a son. Then my mom fell sick that I've to foot the bills. I suddenly realized... my fixed 8-6 job wasn't going to cover it. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I know I've to follow my heart once more, and this time with an educated decision, I've decided to form my own business. A childhood dream and talent that's always in me: Photography. I want to build my own photography business, covering bridals, events to fashion portraits. I've always a flair for it and not stucked in a deadend corporate job day in and out, while coming home drained. 

But now upon reaching a turning point of my life, when I've to sell off my Canon equipment to pay for the bills, I suddenly felt a tight squeeze on my chest. Refusing to give up my passion and dreams... I needed help. What's an artist without his paintbrush? Tears welled onto my hands, as I still grasped onto my camera tightly, for the last time. I'm losing an old friend. 

I've always been kind, when I was in Japan (photo in my DP was at Kama river Japan), I cycled to the poorest neighborhood to document their lives, while I was in Thailand, I held hand of a beggar girl tightly, and shot her, all, I've given them money. That was when I was single. But never once would I thought that I'd need help someday...

Right now I need help to stand up and I know once I'm standing upright, I can run. 

I need to get back my photography equipment and form my own business. I know I will go very far...

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