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I need funds to improve my home studio project

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My name is Marcelo Martelotto, I am 28 years old, I am from the capital city of Argentina, the city of Buenos Aires for 5 years. I have an audiovisual production company and less than a year ago I also offer a digital marketing service.

You can find me on instagram as Sublime.arg, formerly Sublime Records and my personal instagram Marcelo Martelotto.

My recording activities

I make recordings of all time, from podcasts, vocals, to full bands, although due to my situation and my current equipment I concentrate on vocals or small ensembles (without drums).

I am currently producing podcasts on Spotify for two rap/trap singers, and starting the production of song recording with 2 more singers among other regular clients.

I am surrounded by many talents

Some artists who do production at my studio, many times, do not have the money to pay for my services at normal rate as the general cost. That is why, when I see that some of them are exceptional talent, I usually charge only half of normal price or even give them free services. As long as they can realize their project, then they can pay me as they go as much as affordable for them or make an exchange for advertising my services.

I really enjoy finding new talents and do co-production with them so that they can reach their goal and able to explore their creativity, showcase their talents and if there's any opportunity, live off that.

Help me to improve my home studio

I live in a very small space and I can't move to a bigger place, so I need to build an acoustic booth for my recordings and improve my equipment to give a better service.

Today I need to improve my studio because my space is really very small, although I was able to set it to look like a workspace, it doesn't look like a serious workspace. Besides the physical complications, I don't have noise isolation or good acoustics, so many times I have problems with street noise, neighbors, chatters, etc.

Plan for a recording cabin

If I could build the cabin, all those problems would be solved and I could offer a much better quality of service. In addition to that, my studio would have a more professional properties, which means will give prospective clients more confidence to order my services, so I could get more clients.

The Budget

In addition to that, I would also like to improve some of my equipment and add some more, as I mentioned earlier, not only to dedicate myself to audio recording, but also to venture more into video production. And next thing I need is a camera to improve the productions.

This project is also to help young artists who cannot afford to pay recording studio services. Having this project succeed, will help me to make free productions for them so they can get better opportunities in this business. At the bottom line, please, I need your help to reach my goal and help others. Thank you.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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