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Hello to all the people who read this story.

it's 1:36 am in the morning I thought a lot about writing this message, but I wanted to tell you my difficulty i faced right now.

My name is Angie from Ecuador. My husband Aldo 3 months ago began to feel very bad, he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

From Anemia turn became Leukemia

It was started when Aldo feeling unwell at September 5,2019. The exams result was anemia, with hemoglobin 7.

After these results, and I saw that he had no improvement day by day, until a particular doctor visit him, and he ordered to do some tests which had his hemoglobin at 8 and prescribed him some sera and injections, but there was still no improvement,

Until one day because so much despair, I made a consultation with another private doctor, this time was a hematologist from Cuenca Ecuador, we took out the consultation as soon as possible to see it . And on November 4 of 2019. The doctor assessed him, making the relevant exams He was diagnosed with ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA 1.

Aldo need undergo Chemotheraphy for 8 months long

Knowing aldo have a Leukemia I felt a lot of pain ... to see that our lives collapsed completely. he is just 23 and I 24 years old. I did not have answers only pain and tears, but he had to be strong because this was just beginning, continuing the story the doctor told us that he should be admitted to the emergency room the clinic, because his health condition was very serious which needed to transfuse blood.

The treatment that Aldo is following is chemotherapy, the time this will last is 8 months.

Currently, Aldo is staying in the hospital, because he has to be hospitalized every 21 days every month, for that reason it is our financial difficulty, since Aldo due to his illness does not have a job and I do care for him, and the bills of expenses of medicines, food, housing are extremely expensive.

I know it must be hard for himself to knowing that, i was so sad until doctor spoke with my father-in-law and with me, he gave us a lot of hope that Aldo is a joyful person and it will heal .

We are facing financial difficulty

we asked the big question how much it cost to treat, I know if that will be so expensive since aldo must stay in hospital and all treatment for Leukemia will cost a lot.

Aldo did not have work, and his insurance had not been paid for 2 or 3 months, the doctor gave us a light because we could not return to Machala city where we lived because they do not have hematologists. He told us that we took him to the Iess insurance here in the basin that still covered him for 3 to 4 months, with the letter he gave us specifying his severity,

but ho statistically they told me that the insurance did not cover anything however, Aldo could not leave that hospital because he needs to continue his treatment. We have been here for 3 months, in the city, where we do not have any relatives here.

I do not have a job, because I must take care of Aldo the sustenance that my father-in-law had that was his job.. But a week ago he lost his job and they know how hard it is ... I have my faith in God and I ask him a lot so that Aldo draws strength to support his process of Chemo that is very painful and part has to spend 21 days of each month in the hospital hospital ..

Hospital bill estimated about $40,000

When i aske the hospital team how much it will cost, they said if its estimated about $40,000 for his treatment phase for 8 months,

Don't Let Aldo fight Alone

The funds raised would be used exclusively, in their treatment, food and stay. In these moments to help Aldo, with my family we do activities, which is not a high economic amount, but it helps us a lot.

You will imagine that this Chemotherapy process and all other things is very exhausting and painful .. but He desire to live and continue fighting for it are worth admiring. We have to continue building our family.

I hope God blesses you a lot, and it doesn't matter if you don't get to collect anything, but I had the need to share this story, whether young people or people who are going through any disease, fight!

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