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Give a helping hand to "Give a paw, friend" Animal Rescue Community

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Hello everyone!

My name is Natalya, I live in Ukraine, Zaporizhia.

I am a volunteer of the Zaporizhzhya Public Organization for the Protection of Animals “Give a Paw, Friend” and I have been a member of this organization since 2011.

Our public organization called "Give a paw, friend".

The organization has existed for 10 years since December 4, 2009. and constantly helps animals that are injured, sick or victims of human cruelty. We also help to pay for medical treatment and operations, restore and socialize the affected animals, then find responsible kind owners for them or give them care and love in our shelter.

Our organization build because there were many unfortunate dogs out here, basically we are animal rescue community in Ukraine. We see them - shot down by cars, frozen, shot, immured in cellars, beaten, poisoned, starved, burned, mutilated and sick ... They are homeless animals, but they are alive! We can not ignore that they need our help, because there, is no one else they could rely on. Only a people.

We also have our website to report our activities, seeking for people who would like to adopt, some urgent project and many more. Please visit our website and take a look

The purpose of "Give a paw, friend". organization

We are approached by people who saw an animal on the street and ask for help. We take animals under our guardianship, treat them in a veterinary clinic, with which we have an agreement. After treatment, animals are brought to the "Give a paw friend" shelter.

More than 200 dogs live in the shelter, many of them disabled. We sometimes posted some of our activities on our youtube,

We Work to save animals that carried out daily, today in the clinic 10 of our wards, it requires very large funds. In Ukraine, there are very few people who are willing to sacrifice to save animals, people are poor and they simply survive. We are trying to find a way to international platforms in order to continue to save animals in crisis.

We need large amount of funds

Because we do save and treat the dogs almost everydays as you can see the report on our website, it can't be avoided that we need a large amount of funds.

we really need your help, because "We" are much stronger than "I" and "You". Help us to help the animals in trouble and let us have the strengths and opportunities to always save and treat those who need help!

The purpose of this project is to raise funds for urgent veterinary care for homeless animals that are in trouble - traumatized, ill, exhausted or injured by people's cruelty. For the urgent project, we posted it on our website at .

After receiving the funds, we will use it to pay for the treatment of animals and make a financial report on our portal on the use of funds and also the photo report.

Once an experienced vet said: "you are not Mother Teresa, and I'm not the Lord God ... " Yes, maybe we can not save everyone, but during our cooperation with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange (since 2012) thanks to you, we managed to return to life and give a happy chance to hundreds of animals! Together - we are a huge force, helping to make the world better and kinder!

To pay veterinary services for the treatment of animals in need of assistance, to provide all necessary veterinary assistance to the injured animal

We will be so grateful if you can collaborate! Thank you so much in advance

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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