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Hello everyone. Help!!

My name is Carlos Fonseca, I am a nurse and I currently live in Argentina, a country that is going through a difficult economy situation. When the tax created by the government presented to the dollar, it become impossible for me to make savings for a travel. Here, then, the new laws only allowed me to survive day by day.

Help me bring my 70 year old mom from Cuba to Argentina. I've been almost 20 years without seeing my family.

My mother has illness

My mother lives in Cuba with my 80-year-old dad and uncles and cousins. I don't have any siblings. So I'm their only child.

Cuba: another chaotic situation

My mother has illness within a situation where there are no medicines or livelihoods for them in Cuba. Government only pay attention to food in supermarkets for tourists.

I usually have to deliver her medicines through a third party to whom I always have to pay extra and bribe.

Help me take my mother to Argentina

In order to bring my mother to Buenos Aires, I have to start apply for her Cuban passport that costs $100 USD for the island residence, then she will need visa for another $200 USD.

And then the airfare would be approximately $1,200 USD, country taxes excluded.

If she cannot travel to Argentina because of her health issues then I am going to visit them, since I am almost 20 years old without seeing my family.

Any amount helps, for my dream to join with my parents

Knowing their situation day by day worries me. I will keep looking for ways to help them. I want to reunite with them.

Photos of my mother and father today. Please help.

I know it is difficult but simply with a dollar you will help me a lot. Thanks for reading my story and share it to your friends.

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