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Create Online Publications for the Marketing of Prepared Meals

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Greetings from Indonesia,

Pelangi Madani Foundation is a non-governmental organizations, we have a business unit that proceeds to help the operations of schools and educational institutions in the foundation. the business is the supply of sacrificial animals, aqiqah animals and community savings.

We do Partnership with mitra tani companies since they already have a meat canning processing unit.

About Mitra Tani and Pelangi Madani FOundation

Pelangi madani foundation have a business units for speciality of the supply of sacrificial animals, aqiqah animals, and community savings. Meanwhile, Mitra Tani have an unit about meat canning processing unit.

At the moment, Its production and management belongs to CV Mitra Tani. We had a chance to set up a farm in Tangerang. However, we decided to study with Mitra Tani for 1-2 years.

We would like tto promote our product and reach more wide area

Recently, Our business is purely marketing and sold to the Jakarta area.

We need help with the initial cost of making an online publication. So that in the future, this ready-to-eat meat product will be able to be marketed worldwide.

I am here planned to help by design online publications, by creating a web, blog, youtube channel and social media publications to publish the service. So that I can help market Muslim products that sacrifice to get ready-to-eat packed meat that lasts up to 2 years.

However, our budget is limited so we cannot do it yet.

Details on needed funds

The total budged we need is about 10 millions rupiah that approximate with $700, the breakdown of the detail of the usage can be seen below


As soon as we received the collected funds, we will soon create a website and then do paid advertising, because this is media that can be accessed by anyone anywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet. Thus, it is more possible for us to get wider support.

However, if we do not reach this number, we will prioritize all costs to create an affordable weblog and to start affordable advertisements according to the funding that the foundation is able to collect.

Any support will do to help us to improve our business and will able to help people in the foundation.

We appreciate all of your help. Thank you so much!

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