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Happy Family Youth Uganda is a grassroots non-government organization which was formed in April 2016 and registered under the government of Uganda. It was formed to help the key population members regardless of their race, gender, and social status with the need to support the community in areas of challenging stigma and discrimination, development of vocational skills, psychosocial support and to champion health and human rights advocacy in areas of HIV and AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  The Organisation conducts HIV Counselling and testing, Health Talks and Referrals. Since 2016, we have reached over 400 sex workers, transgenders, men who have sex with men. The organization closely works with Most at Risk Populations (MARPI), Nsambya Home Care, Reach Out Mbuya, and Mild May Luweero We equally have a shelter that provides refugee for people living with HIV, people chased away from their families because of their sexuality, and those experiencing insecurity. This shelter further acts as a home for pyscho social support and skills development. We work in semi urban areas like Luwero, Mukono, Mityana, Kampala and Wakiso districts in central Uganda. Our target groups are key populations particularly sex workers, transgender men and women and men who have sex with men.2.0 Background to the CaseThe Late Fahad, a trans woman was a member of Happy Family Youth Uganda. It is alleged that on the fateful night of 1st of August 2019, Fahad was out with another friend, they were in a bar in NANSANA called ICON, at around 5am both headed home in WAKISO, they parted at a place called Kayunga, when Fahad reached home in Kayunga he told his mother that he had to drop clothes to his friend and he could not wait because his friend urgently needed them. He left behind his phone and keys to the library where he worked, these he handed them to his mother. It has been reported that a boda guy Kankaka Mansur who picked him from KR bar became suspicious of him because he looked and talked like a woman, he then alerted his two boda friends who followed them. This stage is close to Kasangombe, it is also close to two hospitals one is St Joseph hospital were its alleged he was to find his friend to deliver clothes. This hospital is opposite WAKISO district registrar’s office. What remains unclear is why the boda guy decided to use an isolated and very dark place on the way back from KASANGOMBE STAGE, it is on this road where Fahad was attacked by these boda guys at around 5:30 am according to residents nearby, there was a scuffle and Fahad was heard calling names of the assailants, pleading to them not to kill him. This implies Fahad knew these people. After battering Fahad they drugged him and dumped him in another isolated and dark place opposite Destiny Bridge School.He did not die immediately, the police patrol was passing by and found him injured in the bush. The police took him to Mulago Hospital, unfortunately he died there on that day.  In company of other colleagues and the father of the late, Happy Family Youth visited the scene of crime, talked to three residents and LC1 B GOMBE. Residents narrated to us what they heard although some of them feared to divulge details. Following a few interviews by Iga Isma the Executive Director of Happy Family Youth and the Sam Ganafa the Executive Director of SPECTRUM Initiative Uganda, we suspect this was organized murder as it was collaborated by the LC1 chairman Mr. JUUKO. M 0772874221, 0703890705, Uncle to the late Mr. Lumbuye Hamidu 0705798587, Uncle Mr. Kiwalabye Badru 0703336644. We reported to HRAPF, they did the investigation. They came up with a report unfortunately the assailant Manur Kankanka was lost from the village. This left us worried and traumatized.  As an organization, we did not surrender and decided to do secretive investigations because he was part of us.  The Finding of the Assailant. On the 04th /09/2021 Mr. Iga Isma the Executive Director of Happy Family Youth decided to resume with the case of investigations of getting the leader who headed the murder of Kawere fahad that happened on the 1st/08/2019. It was confirmed that Mansur Kankaka the assailant had changed his identity and also had abandoned his former job of being a boda boda man and now deals in saloon blocking. Iga Isma teamed up with the LDU officer Tumwebaze Bright so that Mansur is caught. The first step was to get a strategic plan of how to run the job. Since this case was already at the police station of Wakiso, this gave a way forward and the first step was to meet up with the mother of the late.According to the mother of the late the person who was caught at first was a milk man and he also claims that he knows all the faces of the people that had beaten Fahd to death but he also needs security. She knows the milkman and where he stays.  Recently the uncle to the late Fahad informed her that Mansur had shifted to Masaka but now he is in Nansana and deals in saloons. Manur Kankaka breached his skin from black to brown. It is suspected that he is in nearby places of Nansana Ganda according to Fahad’s uncles’ statements. After knowing that Mansur kankaka deals in saloons, Isma Iga and Tumwebaze Bright had to get him through his business so Allan Sserunjoji whp was appointed to be act like someone wants to buy a saloon. Allan connected with Mansur. The first time we tried it, Mansur’s phone number was out of service.  Another chance came by our way when the uncle to Fahad called and told us there is a person Kankaka had made a program within the ends of Kawaala and that he wanted to buy a mort cycle. Mr. Iga Isma made a deal with the blocker in order to ger Mansur. So they had to meet and discussed with Isma and A FANDE Bright on how to get Mansur. Afande decided to come with other two police men but not in uniforms although for him he dicided to get one.Realising that following Mansur might be difficult to get, we decided to arrest him the moment we see him closer to the area.  Mansur arrived at 11:21am and we were all alert and stand by. The blocker played his part very well and very calm. Our police men grabbed him into the car and we drove off to the Wakiso police station.While on our way, Mansur revealed his true identity as he promised that he is to teach the person who gave out his details a lesson. He rudely and proudly noted that he can’t be arrested because he has a good c0mmnection with the police. Mansur was Kankaka was handed over to the police and all the other part was to be handled by human rights awareness and promotion forum. (HRAPF) 4.0 Why we need Your support


We need money for fuels

To transport the wetness

We need to print out t shirts in the names of Fahad 

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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