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Huge cost for skin treatment

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Hello everyone, greetings from singapore.

I have Bad skin condition since young

My skin situation has been going on since i was young, I have a very sensitive skin, my skin also very dry and itches all the time so it causes scars and as it dries up, it leaves ugly black spot. Even if i don't scratch it, it will leave black marks.

I didn't have confidence when going out

I have never get to wear skirts or sleeveless clothings due to my scars and black spots. I'm really not confident with my condition.

I am only hoping for fundings to help me out financially for further treatment as i am feeling depressed with my skin condition and losing confidence in myself.

Currently i am only using a cheap aloe vera gel to moisturise my skin which doesn't make any difference.

Chemical peel treatment is sugessted by doctor, but it cost alot

I have tried many kinds of medications yet nothing works. I end up going to the clinic and seek professional help however due to the high cost,

i have seen a doctor once some time ago but the solution was to do chemical peels and to put on a few lotions which cost alot.

As for chemical peels, it cost $450 (only for legs) per session for 9 sessions. Total will cost a lot more if i were to do full body treatment. Total needed would be at least USD$5000.

Hope everyone can help me out.

Being the only supporter to my parents as I am living with them, and with the high cost of living, i am financially not doing well after paying off every bills groceries.

I do not have health insurance which covers my medical costs for skin treatment. I will be really grateful if somebody can help me out with this condition so i can get a better medical treatment and get my confidence back.

Thank you

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