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I want to develop a business in order to create employment for me and my friends!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Ilham and I live in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia!

I'm raising funds in order to develop a business idea that will give me and my friends a job opportunity!

If you can't find one, just create your own job!

Nowadays its not easy to find a good job here.

My best friends and going through the same financial situation as me. In order to help us I started to think about opening my own business and that's how I created my own brand of berverages and snacks like instant noodles!

I would like to use healthier ingredients for my products though!

Struggling since the beginning

I entered university a few years ago.

However, due to a lack of money I had to quit. I'm not coming from a rich family so I always had financial problems.

Currently, I'm living with my parents and sister.

My parents retired 10 years ago and they don't have many savings. If my business successes I would love to support them too!

I've already thought my brand logo and products

I want to sell snacks like instant noodles and berverages made of taro and brown sugar.

I want to experiment with many different flavors for my noodles, like lime and hot. Taro drinks are really popular these days but I would like to add brown sugar to mine, as it's healthier than white sugar.

My food and berverages will have their own logo and brand!

Details on needed funds

I would like to raise $700 that I will use to rent a place and buy all necessary tools and ingredients. I just can afford $20.


If I manage to collect enough funds I will rent a place, buy the tools and ingredients and I will start my production!

Then, I will be able to hire my friends and start with the promotion of the business. In case I get more benefits I will be able to add more staff.

If I can't collect enough support I will start with online sales.

I considered other options like loans but I'm really concern about not being able to pay back the money as my financial situation is not good. I will be eternally grateful to everyone who helps me!

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