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Hello everyone,

I am Isaac Osuna Díaz, I am 14 years old and I have always liked to play sports. Baseball is one of my favourite sport.

My arm was amputated but i don't want to give up

Playing Baseball is one of my passions ... but since last year I was diagnosed with OSTEOSARCOMA.

Due that case, doctor was amputated my arm until my shoulder. It is difficult for me to continue playing baseball, i think it is feasible.

I am thinking of doing another sport, soccer maybe, I will have to practice but for now I need to focus on continuing with my treatments first. If i get used with my condition, i will able to do my favourite sports again.

10 times of Chemotherapy is necessary and will be done at Mexico city

The chemoterapy treatments is located at LA CDMX. This place is too far from my place which i stay currently.

My first chemotherapy and surgery, i went to mexico city by bus with my father, but it was a tiring journey.

The journey through land need about 14-16 hours and mostly, the bus are full with people which makes the journey not comfortable and it is tiring journey.

For my next chemotherapy and treatment, i wish i can use plane since the cost not too far from the bus fare.

Our family financial are not stable

I need your support to pay the means to go to CD Mexico to Perform the treatment, spend the night there one or two days, and return together with my mom who will accompany me.

I want to do it by plane, because the prices are not too far if i use bus, and the travel time will be shorter and not become a tiring journey. It is Better for my health

My dad is an urban truck driver and he can no longer miss his job. My dad is the lead support of the house ... he need to feed on healthy things, and that is also expensive. ..

Details on needed funds

I hope you can help me to get the plane tickets to mexico city, for a round trip ticket it needed about $120 per person, while i will bring my mom and i need to do chemotherapy for 9 times more

Help me until i no longer need chemotherapy

I hope soon to have the opportunity to let you know, that I will no longer need chemo ... for you. They know that Cancer has no word of honor.

I will not give up and i will do anything that i like, doing sport or anything.

As far as I was concerned, I will do my best to make things work.

Thanks in advance to all who support me.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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