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I want to benefit children with my small business

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Hello everyone!

My name is Boris, I am 59 years old and I live in Ukraine. I am disabled with cerebral palsy.

Being disabled is not easy, but in my life I try to be optimistic, set goals and make a lot of efforts to achieve them.

I have a wife that always support me

I have been suffering from cerebral palsy since childhood due to birth injury.

As everybody knows, being disabled will always have limitation to doing something. But i never give up. I work independently in an electric wheelchair, which helps me to be mobile.

I myself can’t walk. My wife helps me get to the electric chair with the help of a device, and then I'm on my way alone. I have gained experience in driving a wheelchair for 40 years.

I want to say that I am a proactive and active person in life. I am not afraid of difficulties, as I have been used to fighting for survival since childhood. I also have a beautiful wife, my assistant. We have been legally married since 1999. Of course, it is not easy for her to care for me, but she is also a courageous person. I thank God for her!

I started my entrepreneur business at 2014

Ukraine have a very difficult economic situation,food and utilities have risen in price very much, and the wife has been extended the retirement age. And in order to survive in these difficult circumstances, and in order to help my family, I am engaged in entrepreneurial activities - children's amusement rides.

I have been working as an individual entrepreneur since 2014. I bought children's mechanical trampolines on credit and work in a city park. The city hall of our city has provided me with this place.

I also came up with and I did the attraction "Children's taxi". You can see how I work on my page on instagram and facebook. Here are the links:

I want to develop my business

Ukraine has a very difficult economic situation. I can not find sponsors in my country. And my business needs to be developed, otherwise he will die. Without this extra income, we cannot survive.

Since the many price in Ukraine rise up, i would like to help my family financial, we need extra income, so why to developing my business might be one of the way out for us to overcome the condition

to develop my business i would like to buy new attractions for children: bright plastic houses, a new children's car and a new mechanical trampoline. Not only for my own sake, My work benefits to parents with young children, and also makes me a happier person, fills my life with meaning.

Details on needed funds

To get a full equipment on the amusement park is one of my dream, beside it is my happiness to see the children playing happily, i will get enough additional income too.

However, there are expensive and i cannot afford it in my current state, The total i need is about $3,900 with details :


As soon as i collected enough money, i will invest the money to buy the necessary equipment or things to develop my business.

I will start by buy children's playhouses and do maintenance or repair if there any equipment that are broken, My competitiveness and safety of children during the use of my attractions depends on this.

Please help me in the development of my business!

You can also look about me here:

We really appreciate all of your support, thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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