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Help my family to move to another place and start a new life!

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Nice to meet you!

My name is Andhika and I live in Lampung, Indonesia!

I'm raising funds to support my family to have a new start!

Imprisoned by mistake

A year ago, I was imprisoned because of an error.

Before that I was working at my district government. Now, I have to spend another 2 more years here in prison and I'm not able to be with my family.

I want the best for them, and I would like them to move to another place as they are going through hard times here.

My children are living with my parents

I have 3 beautiful children.

I'm divorced and my parents are currently taking care of the children. All my family is getting bullied from people of the community.

I want to help them to move to Java, as they will be happier there.

My parents were born in Java and had a happy childhood there. They are retired so they won't be able to afford the moving costs.

My children are being bullied at school

Other children are telling bad things to my children, about me.

My children are still very young, so I think it would be better for them to live in Java with my parents.

During my divorce I lost everything I had, my money and my house. I have left nothing. I don't want my family to keep suffering so woud you please support my project to help them?

Details on needed funds

I hope I can raise at least $900 for this project. My gratitude will be eternal.


I will give to my parents every dollar I manage to collect in this project.

In case I can't collect any fund my family won't be able to move to Java and start over.

I sincerely hope for everyone to support my children and parents!

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