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A step towards a dream Dream! 

What can you do for your dream? Or what are you doing? Here I am trying to take steps towards my dream. All my life I worked, and tried to do only those things that I enjoyed, and a sense of inspiration and excitement. But not always everything worked out, due to many factors and the human factor. I tried to do my job, stuffed bumps, but I understood that without a team of fans like me to do my job, or without start-up capital, it is very difficult !!! 

That's why I had to work for someone, cooperate with someone and understand that you have no freedom of action. That's why I decided to find my start-up capital through a crowdfunding project, for my business, which doesn't need huge money. And yes, unfortunately this is not tourism !!!! Because thanks to the covid, I admit that there is almost no work. And I can't stay at home for more than 2 days. Trips became much less. I ask everyone to become an investor of my dreams, to start doing things for myself, or more precisely to open my own business, which will bring me pleasure. The estimated amount is 3500-4000 dollars. 

To launch the project Tourist mobile coffee shop. Because I can't live without coffee Which will bring me pleasure, and you will taste delicious coffee. I will not reveal all the ideas, because it is a bit of a secret. Let's check if the power of Facebook works ... 

To collect, all you have to do is drop the amount you like on the platform, or the amount worth one cup of coffee, or drop it into a separate account, or just repost this post. I will be grateful for it))) Everything will be as it will be, I will post everything here, and there will be a new Instagram page.  

P.s I will answer several options at once: 

- The bank does not give credit for starting a business, but gives it for development, provided that you have been doing it for at least 2 years.

 - What about tourism ?. Tourism will always be in my life. Nobody interferes with combining. Especially. The cafe will be tourist))) 

"What about the covid?" 

Any crisis in the world is a start, for something new. Thank you for your attention. 

- If anything, half the world collects money for their dreams in this way. I would be happy if you used the [Distribute Help] button to share my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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