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Facundo needs your help not to lose sight

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My name is Angelica from Peru.

I am Facundo's mother

Facundo was born with Down Syndrome and several diseases

My son was born with Down Syndrome at 6 months of gestation. He was born on January 19, 2016 at 6 and a half months of gestation because he gave me Preeclampsia Severa that put both my son's life at risk and Mine, born with 1kg 700 grams. Beside was born with down syndrome, he have Congenital Heart Disease (CIA, CIV, PCA) and a congenital malformation in the eyelids called severe bilateral Congenital Ectropion

That was causing he have ulcers in both corneas. On his left eye, it is more severe.

He needs several surgeries to get his vision became normal

He was operated with an open heart at 4 months of age (May 11, 2016), spending almost 4 months hospitalized by a bacterium that did not let him leave the artificial ventilator, then he was operated on the eyelids

Facundo need many more operations to correct his malformation that does not allow him to close his eyes to sleep or blink like any other child.

The most severe being that of the left eye, this can leave him without vision.. I need your help so that my child continues with his surgeries and is not blind to the consequences of corneal ulcers for not closing his eyelids.

He has 6 eyelid surgeries, 3 of which are Eyelid Plasty (skin grafts on the eyelids) and the others are tarsorraphy.

He now needs this surgery to palliatively correct this malformation. This type of operation is not done in my city, they do it in Lima, the capital of Peru.

Upcoming surgery will be held in march

Currently my son suffers a lot, since when sleeping with his eyes open they are exposed to air, dust, pollution etc. The eyelids also turn outward and this causes pain for him. That is why you need surgery to correct this malformation

It will not be the last surgery since it is palliative

currently I do not have the financial means to solve this surgery since it is expensive

My husband is a taxi driver and the salary is not enough since besides Facundo I have 2 children over 16 and 7 years old.

Very apart, Facundo needs medications such as tears and eye cream lubricant. These are applied every 2 hours. The expense is strong. My husband am running out of work if he got health insurance

Detail on needed funds.

I am not sure how much it will cost for the total medication of fucando. However, i got some estimate as i will explain below

Cost of surgeries will be varies, about 7.000 sol - 8.000 sol (approx $2,400). This is will only cost for operating room cost and if ICU fees is required

The cost of medications are still not included.

Please help Facundo

How much funds have been collected will be a use for all of facundo medication purposes. I do my best to help him to get his surgery done in this march.

My son Facundo needs your help

We will be very grateful with any of your help. Thank you so much!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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