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I need funds to recover my art and make illustrations!

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Greetings from Chile!

My name is Roderick , I'm an illustrator

My project as Illustrator

There are several Projects i do as example Illustration, Comics, artistic and environmental dissemination also writing.

I also do some audiovisual projects such as animations, short films, etc. To be able to help and contribute with other artists.

I also create book format, adventure stories, suspense, terror, etc. to encourage entertaining reading and make the leap to more complex reading, also encouraging writing with contests.

My Tablet i used for work was stolen

I spend all my time working to pay me the studies, and to buy a tablet to draw (I'm an illustrator). Sadly, my tablet was stolen, with all my work on it. Ok, well, I don't have money to be able to buy a new tablet.

I was drawing/writing a comic about space characters for fun, and a comic about Bees to generate an ecological mentality. Well, all that is gone now :/ and my ex-editor just fired me.

My back was injured, i can't do heavy work

Before, I tried to work again on fast food (I can't work as an illustrator if I haven't the tablet) but, sadly I got a back disease so I can't work anymore there.

I tried to do some other jobs, but I just can't with my back injured. So, yeah, bad luck.

This is why, i think i should go back to become an illustrator, that fit for my condition and it fit because i got the skill too

I hope i can get help from Airfunding site

I'm going to do a lot of stuff. I really have the motivation and just need the resources.

I was thinking about what can I do to give back everything? And well, as an illustrator, I can help to any of my donator with their help programs. Making a short comic or a cute illustrator, etc.

I'm going to make the comic books I mentioned before, the special one and the Bee ones. I want to make a children's book too and so many other things, like contest. People should find a contaminated place, take a pictures, and then clean it all. Winners would have an illustration, for example.

I really REALLY want to become a better worker to make child's book, to teach about ecology and good manners, empathy, etc. It's my final "mission".

How I am going to use the money?

I just have to buy 2 things that would help me A LOT to make all that true!

First of all, I need a new tablet, as an iPad. There are extremely expensive but very useful to my work, with paint programs, editors, etc. That is the most expensive thing.

The next one is a special therapeutic chair. As I mentioned before I have my back injured, so I can't use normal chairs for too long times. That is cheaper, but very useful too!

With your help, i will be more motivated and be productive to chase my goal

As you can see it's all simple, everything else is just my hands and my imagination. Of course you can see my art and some commissions I've made, to see what I'm capable of doing.

Please, this would help me a lot, and If I finish my comic books I would mention all of you in the credits!

I just don't want to waste more time and started to work in what I am good for, what I study and work for, and what I feel true passion on it!

Thank you SO MUCH!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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