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#TEAMPEDULI ✓ Package for basic needs for poor families

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Dear everyone,

My name is Setiyo Budi, I'm from Indonesia, I live in a remote village and I'm 36 years old.

I work as a non-permanent teacher. I often participate in social activities and become a social activist.

Distribute packages of basic needs for poor families

Concerning the project to deliver basic needs packages began with me who wanted to help 5 families, each with IDR 150,000 or around $ 10 each Sunday for one house, to support their provisions during this pandemic.

After publishing about my initiative, many wonderful and kind people decided to join. From 5, it increased to 25. And from 25, we are in 100 families now.

We prepared to help about 100 families in a week

The number gradually increased with the help of many extraordinary people throughout Indonesia. With their help, we succeeded in helping 100 families, with food, supplies, sugar, coffee, tea, etc., and many requests still came to me, slowly I managed every request.

Once when I was running this project independently, from the transaction to tracking family messages that came, and managing funds. Help poor families and those without jobs.

Details on needed funds

Our target is $20,000, It will help 100 families with $10 every week for 5 months long.

Details of shopping for 5 months for 100 homes:

Rice. : IDR 150,000,000

Gas. : IDR 45,000,000

Cooking oil. : IDR 45,000,000

Sugar. : IDR 30,000,000

Tea / Coffee. : IDR 25,000,000

Our total needs are IDR 300,000,000 or equivalent to $ 20,000

Your helping hand is needed

The stories I hear every day are very heartbreaking and I would love to help more families to help alleviate their struggle. There are families whose parents survive by working hard to make sure their children don't starve.

There are also families whose children fight with each other to get what is left on their plates. We are together through a very difficult day, if you want to contribute.

it's okay if you don't have much with you. I do not care about the amount. The most important thing for me is the intention to help. One small act of kindness will be able to make them wipe their family's tears and smile again to the world. We are together in this matter and I know we can help more families in need.

We Hope there target can be fulfilled, We Are Very Thankful To Donors.

We will get through this, TOGETHER.

Thank you so much in advance

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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