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I need help to pay my rent and daily expenses!

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Nice to meet you! My name is Mercy and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia!

I want to raise some funds because I'm going through many financial problems!

I borrowed money for my brother's wedding

My brother celebrated his wedding on August of last year.

I took a loan in order to help him to pay the wedding expenses. Since then I got economically broken.

Currently, I'm not able to pay for my own appartment rent.

I'm working as a nurse but my salary is not enough

My home town is in Sulawesi.

I moved to Jakarta on January of last year in order to work. My salary is just $212 a month.

I have to pay a rent of $120, which is more than the half of my salary.

If I'm not able to pay the rent I will have to leave Jakarta. I don't want to go back home unemployed because I know that my parents will feel disappointed.

No one is helping me here

I've tried to seek for some help during this hard times but nobody is giving me a hand.

My parents are farmers and I know they couldn't be able to help me, but even if they could I don't really want them to know my situation.

I really want to stay here working and having a normal life.

Details on needed funds

I hope I can raise $400 that will help me to survive the following months and repay the loan.


If I manage to collect enough funds I will be able to pay for all the expenses during 3 months.

During that time I will be able to save some money and after that my daily life will be back to normal.

If I can't collect enough funds I think I will have to find a side job or something like that. I sincerely hope for everyone to support me!

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