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Donation for YPAC Foundation of Development for Disabled Children

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Hello everyone!

My name is Denny from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Some city at Jakarta was faced with a terrible flood disaster

Starting early of 2020, our beloved city, Jakarta, Indonesia was faced with a terrible flood disaster. Many places affected by that disaster.

Heavy rain started just as the new year fireworks was about to go off and did not stop until the city was covered by water. The tragedy lasted a few days which caused people to lose homes, got really sick, and eventually body count of lost ones start happening.

Knowing about that many people suffer and struggle because of it, I got the idea of starting a charity project called "SaveOurEarth" which will focus on helping orphanages and victims of disaster by supporting them with food and necessities.

I would like to support YPAC Jakarta (Yayasan Pembinaan Anak Cacat Jakarta)

The first project that we are going to support is the YPAC Foundation of Development for Disabled Children in Jakarta.

YPAC is a rehabilitation center for disabled children which works like a school for them. Having classes, events, and activities to make these children feel more welcome and normal. Almost 90% of the families that entered their children here come from a very poor background and can't afford the therapy needed.

This is the reason why we are raising funds and the collected funds will be given to this foundation.

I would like to start a positive movement through apparel

I was thinking about how can i able to help them, Helping them alone is beyond my ability. And i came out with do this fundraising and hoping we could get enough donations, so they can use it in good use or develop their foundation.

The money earned from airfunding/airtripp will be used to pay for more therapy sessions for these children and in addition, SaveOurEarth will buy food for a gathering and provide t-shirts

The SaveOurEarth Project started by selling t-shirts with positive messages, and using the profits to help out the communities that really needs the support. The first t-shirt is the "there is no other earth" which can be seen in the picture. Every shirt will have a hashtag #saveourearth to connect the offline activation to digital.

Why apparel to start this movement?

We chose apparel to start this campaign, because when people start wearing them to the public it will start to create awareness. We hope to spread out the key message that you can also save the earth by doing small positive deeds, and hopefully when people read our shirts, it can change their perspective of the earth. It does not necessary have to be giving out donations, and can start as little as giving a helping hand to those around them. The main aim is not to sell t-shirts but actually creating a movement of saving our earth.

Usage of the funds

All the collected money, it doesn't matter how much it will be collected, we will give it all to them directly.

I would really appreciate if you could help share this movement to your friends and family.

Let us start making a difference!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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