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Help stray animals affected by human hands!

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My name is Karina. I am a zoo volunteer. I live in the city of Nizhyn, Chernihiv region, Ukraine. For several years now I have been involved in helping stray dogs. During this time, I was able to cure, put on my paws and attach more than 100 dogs on my own. During this time, I managed to face the blackest sides of a person. This is indifference, cruelty and betrayal. A person often inflicts irreparable injury to an innocent animal.

An animal that believes him has boundless love and trust. My vocation is to help stray animals. Many of those whom I helped - suffered in road accidents, became victims of cruel treatment and even violence by dog hunters. I decided to ask for help from you, real people with a kind and sympathetic heart, to build small enclosures for dogs. Many stray dogs, after the operation, are forced to live on the street again. I found the necessary territory and agreed with the owner of the land. The only thing left is to buy the materials and warm booths necessary for the construction of enclosures. Yes, I will not solve the problem of stray dogs globally. But with your help I want to give them at least a chance for life!

A chance to survive another winter, a chance not to fall asleep hungry in the snow ... A sheet of netting for aviaries (1.5m / 2m) costs about 600 UAH. For one enclosure, I plan to use 6 sheets + material for the roof and floor and door. I plan to cover the floor with boards and make a slate roof. I really hope that the funds raised will be enough for 6-8 enclosures. It will also be necessary to purchase booths in each of them.You can look at my work for the last year on the website in the sections "blog" and "gallery". You can also read about me and my work in social networks- Istagram: or Facebook:

The dog was hit by a car and injured. Other dogs caught up with him and bit him.

This dog also had an accident. She had a broken paw. They put in a knitting needle, now it will limp all its life ...

This animal became a victim of human cruelty and almost lost its eye!

This dog had its spleen removed and a needle inserted into its paw. The driver hit her at night and left her for dead ... I saved her.

Puppies thrown into the trash. They were doomed to die from cold and hunger ... Now they have found their new home and a loving family!

I really hope for your help friends! Every penny will help the unfortunate animals survive. Indifference has no days off!

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by Distribution] button to share my project!

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Что такое Airfunding?

Это является Crowdfunding платформа используется почти 200 стран. Любой человек может легко создать проект!

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