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n-Cov2019 Vaccine Research Non-Profit Crowdfunding

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It's 2020 and we've barely begun the year.

With more than 37000 cases globally (as of Feb 9 2019), nCov-2019's virality and asymptomatic person-to-person transmission (meaning you can get the virus from someone who may not have symptoms yet) make it hard to pinpoint how best to combat the epidemic spread and create a vaccine.

As researchers scramble for a solution and more and more people are quarantined and restricted in their daily activities, here's where we're giving you agency: you can help. Consumers vote with their dollar. Support research into the coronavirus and let's overcome this epidemic as a global community.

There is no minimum amount to support this crowdfund--part of this project is to educate each other on the efforts being made, which is incorporated into the real-time poll voting system (you can add suggestions for beneficiaries, which will be moderated accordingly), where you will have to weigh which project/institution you would like to support.

Funding Purposes:

Applications for funding from institutions involved in coronavirus research will be received or searched for and vetted for suitability. As a donor, you will be able to vote for the research you want to fund--at the end of every 2-week period or month (after hitting the minimum amount), funding will be released to the top-voted institution/project, and the counter will reset for the next biweekly or monthly period. The poll will be made available to donors only.

This crowdfunding project will continue until all funding is depleted or the WHO Emergency Status has been removed or the DORSCON levels in the top 3 affected countries--China, Japan, Singapore--have been lowered to Green--whichever happens first.

If no suitable beneficiary is found (perhaps because they reject additional funds) by end-Feb 2020 and there are sufficient funds available, a new poll will be made for the total accumulated amount to be donated to the cause most people are interested in supporting.

Thank you for your support! Please help me spread the word :-)

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