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Studying at school which I dreamed all my life

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Greetings from Belaurs!

My name is Stefania, 16 years old Student from Minsk.

My childhood's dream

I was born in a small country called Belarus in the small town which is called Mozyr.

When I was 6, I moved to Minsk to make my study better than at a small town.

Since my childhood I dreamed of studying at Education First Academy.

I tried my best to make my dream come true

I study really hard. I study French in my school and learn English by myself. And my biggest dream is to study in the education first academy but we have no money for this.

Unfortunately all my efforts are not enough because of the financial problem

The study fee's are too expensive for my family

Eventhough my mother trying hard to do everything that she can do for me, but it is not enough to save money for my studies there.

Because training in First academy costs $ 70,000. For my family (this is me and my mother) this is too much. In order to collect so much money, we need 10 years and at the same time only earn money and not spend a single ruble on food and water and an apartment, that would save so much

My mother tried to get me to study at the gymnasium, and we’ll be very upset because I can’t help fulfill my dream. And I do not want her to be upset, but my dream is to study at the academy.

Help me to bring closer my dream

I probably can promise you that I will save the world but it will be a lie cause I don’t know what can happen next year but I can promise that when enough money is collected I will record a video where I will say personally thanks to every person who helped me achieve my dream.

And I will be happy to study at this academy in order to benefit society later. I will say thank you to every person who brings me closer to my dream at least a little.

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