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My name is Jann Faith C. Manuel, From Philippines!

I am a 1st year college student who is having a really difficult time in life.

Education is really my only way out of hardship

In the place i currently live at, There are no art schools near my place.

Because i want to pursue my dream at art, then i choose iACADEMY, it is my only option of school that i can reach.

The reason i choose iAcademy

Beside i mentioned before that there are no art school that is near my place,

iAcademy already established since 2002 that make it have more experience, Today, iACADEMY has a total of ten (10) Senior High School programs and ten (10) specialized undergraduate degree programs, which are all geared towards preparing students for a highly competitive professional world.

This campus is strategically located in Makati City’s Central Business District in order to place students within reach of industry practitioners, and over two hundred internship partner organizations. This prestigious network of companies gives students the perfect platform to immerse themselves in their chosen fields during their 960-hour college internship program. This balance of theory and experience-based learning ensures that they become industry-ready as well as industry-relevant upon graduating.

iACADEMY also has proven to be one of the best training grounds for future professionals because of its drive and commitment to developing Game Changers who are not only driven to pursue their passions but also inspired to develop real-world solutions to be of service to society.

Usage of the funds

Currently, our family finances can't handle it anymore. iAcademy is one of the top 10 most expensive colleges and universities here.

My mother died before I joined IACT School, and my father can help but it is not enough for my expensive tuition fee. I have siblings who finished their education, but sadly, they can only provide for our basic needs like food and bills.

The tuition fees per term are about 70.000PHP (approx with $1,400) and i need to pay it 3 times because we have 3 terms every year. This huge amount of fee was burden our family.

Help me to pursue my dream

I am knocking in your good heart to please help me. I want to get up again and fulfill my dreams. I am also looking for a job that can help for my education. With your help I can finish strong.


Jann Faith

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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