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Grafting for Mommy!?

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Greetings everyone from Philippines!

My mother, Cherry Sabando has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. She was fighting with that disease for long a time, up until now, she still fighting with.

And i am here seeking for your kind heart to support us, to help us especially for financial support, for my mother medical needs

Diagnosed with Kidney disease at 2014

In the year 2014 doctor diagnosed my mother with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Since then, we have been going through with dialysis sessions three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Up until now, we still do dialysis, and currently it was really drain our financial. This is the reason why we do fundraising here. We still have high hopes that our mother can be healthy again.

My mother undergone several operations to put a fistula

For the past 2016-2019, I have lost count of the times we have underwent operations to put a fistula on her (left or right) arm. One fistula failed due to an aneurysm that occurred and the rest was because her veins would not mature to sustain haemodialysis.

October 2019, the last site died and we were advised to have a Dialysis Catheter, because there are no more veins available in her intrajugular (neck) area her catheter was placed on her left femoral (Upper Thigh).

Kidney Transplant, Grafting is suggested by Doctor

February 3, 2020 we failed to undergo haemodialysis due to a clot formation on here site and was rushed to Cagayan de Oro City. Today, February 10 we still failed to undergo haemodialysis and were advised for the last option, to do GRAFTING.

Sadly, over the years of enduring and enjoying this sickness we have reached our point, we are far more than just financially drained.

My Parents have been separated since 2012. With no financial support coming from our family We have just been getting by in life through God’s grace and small businesses but not enough to do this immediate and sudden operation.

All support for you will be meaningful for us

If all goes well, we will do the do transplant on 2nd june. However, we still undergo several medical things scheduled this april.

I decided to make this fundraising with the hope that even your One Peso will be put to good use for her medical needs, as her only child I am determined to do everything I can to cater to her needs.

Today, it is my earnest plea that God will use you as a channel of blessing to us.

My sincerest gratitude,


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Chesil B. Sabando


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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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