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Hi Everyone,

My name is Mirasol from Philippines

Being here is not new for me. As I have already made project here called "HELP OUR LEUKEMIA WARRIOR (BABY FREYA) " (

Baby Freya Journey

Baby Freya was diagnosed with cancer leukemia type JMML it is a rare disease that could possibly get by a child. I knew her within 4 months.

I made a project for her to support her financial needs her hospitalization.

Every time i have free time i make sure i can visit her in hospital and home. It really breaks my heart seeing her in a positive gestures but deep inside has a lot of pain. Seeing her with dextrose attached to her hands breaks my heart, it is really painful

She is just 1 one year old when i knew her back september of 2019. I couldn't imagine how a little girl with a small body fighting to this kind of disease.

Every time i saw her with a low energy i know she is suffering again with a low platelets which is common to a child having this disease. I saw her personally battling cancer.

About JMML leukemia type cancer that Baby freya have

Before, i don't have an idea what is this JMML. How this disease can affect children's body. How painful is this. How hard to cope with it? How much money is needed for this to survive? I must say during days that im with baby Freya.

I can say that it is really hard, you can't imagine it until you were with her watching her battling cancer. Yes. She is just 2 years old. She may never know what's happening.

All she knows is doctors and nurses will come in and give her medicine and attached it on her hands. Blood transfusion is a common thing that doctors will do for a patients who has this kind of disease.

Common thing that day need is blood. They really need blood. A concentrated blood. Every time their platelet will go down their body needs to take blood. This blood is not cheap, as per my experience being with baby freya.

If you don't have money to buy blood every time you need blood you can't take it. There are a lot of medicine that this kind of disease needs

Baby Freya Stop her life journey at January 2020

Baby Freya was died last January 1 2020. Not because her mother can't buy blood or medicine.

it's just maybe her body is so young that her body can't fight the disease. But we saw her fighting.

Baby Freya joined LOVE HOPE AND FAITH Foundation

From this experienced, It is really broke my heart that the girl who makes you happy seeing her smiling and fighting and makes me inspired. Went home already Jesus called her home. It is my first time to support and help other people that are not blood related. It is a lesson learned for me.

Baby Freya is beneficiary of a foundation called LOVE HOPE AND FAITH who is a big help for her financial needs. This foundation helps children with cancer like baby freya.

Please see link below

The reason i want to continue the fight for Baby Freya is to help other children live longer. This fundraising can help them.

Once this project funded, all collected money will be donated  to Lov Hope Faith foundation. Or if along the way i meet a child with the same case with baby freya i will not think twice to help and use the fund and help her or him. This will be Baby Freya's legacy.

Every donation can go far and help children with cancer . Doesn't matter if it's small. if it's collected it will become bigger. Thank you so much in advance! 

Here is bank account for those who want to donate

Bank owner:

Mirasol Diocton


Let's help and be a blessing to others too.

Thank you so much in advance!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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