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Let's support Ms. SAGORIKA Safinoor (LSSキャンペーン)

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Hello everyone,

Ms. SAGORIKA Safinoor from Bangladesh, a doctoral student of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, is now admitted to a hospital due to an unexpected Leukemia. The sickness abruptly hit her when she was pleased with completing her doctoral dissertation. It forces Ms. Sagorika to undergo continuous chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant surgery, which requires a large amount of unexpected expenses, 2,500,000 yen.

Ms. Sagorika's family has found it very difficult to prepare for the high medical expenses. Her husband, Dr. Md. Mukhlesur Rahman, who got his Ph.D. from JAIST, has been able to manage to collect 1 million yen, but it is still short by 1.5 million yen.

To save Ms. Sagorika's life and her husband and son in a predicament, Hasegawa (Ms. Sagorika's main supervisor), Research Professor Kawanishi (her minor research supervisor and friend), and Senior Lecturer Motoyama (her friend) have decided to create an organization, "Let's Support SAGORIKA (LSS)" consisting of volunteers from JAIST students, faculty, and staff.

The LSS aims at carrying out fundraising activities inside and outside JAIST. If you agree with the purpose of this activity and wish to help, please support this Airfunding project. For four days, December 20th (Monday), 21st (Tuesday), 22nd (Wednesday), and 24th (Friday), the LSS members will be at the corridor area in front of J-Beans in the University Hall Building on JAIST to call for donations from 12:00 to 13:30. During those days, we will inform you about the purpose of the LSS and the current situation of Ms. Sagorika.

JAIST, known for its global environment with many international students, can show a global spirit to support each other based on goodwill. Above we are attaching an email from Ms. Sagorika's husband about the current situation.

I would be happy if you could share and spread the project from the "Help with Share" button!



北陸先端科学技術大学院大学(JAIST)の博士課程に在籍する,バングラデシュ出身のSAGORIKA Safinoorは,現在,白血病のために千葉県の病院に入院しています.博士論文の最終審査を終了し喜びに浸っていた時に,突如として襲ってきた病魔により,Sagorikaは継続的な治療や骨髄移植の手術が必要となっています.





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