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Create, Legalize and Consolidate the "TEAMO VIDA CR Foundation"

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TEAMO VIDA CR Foundation, "Autism Spectrum Disorder - Improving Life Opportunities C.R."

My name is Ernesto, In The Foundation of TEAMO VIDA Administrative Board, my position is the secretary.

I am here as a part of the foundation seeking help to Create, Legalize and Consolidate the "TEAMO VIDA CR Foundation"


As of today, according to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, approximately 70 thousand people with some degree of autism are registered. This is an Autism Spectrum Disorder resulting in a neurological condition that affects to a greater or lesser extent the autonomy of the person. So they must take therapies for life, but not everyone has access to them due to their financial situation.

Of every 10 children with ASD in Costa Rica, 8 are in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty and many times, depending on the degree of autism they present, it makes it impossible for the mother to work outside the home, thus aggravating the possibilities of receiving therapies of vital importance required to achieve progress in their physical, psychological and intellectual development.

About TEAMO VIDA Foundation

TEAMO VIDA just founded Since February 3, 2020, the project was created in Airfunding in the same month, in order to search for economic funds, since we have not yet found answers from people and institutions that want to support this cause.

we consider of vital importance the creation of this foundation to support families with children who have ASD, where they receive psychological, medical, physical, economic and educational help in a comprehensive way, to help them cope with the training and development process.

The Foundation will have a radius of action throughout the Province of Limón, so it will be necessary for the building to be located in the Canton of Siquirres, as this is the center of said Province.

We have already on the way to process the foundation in the national registry

Help us to realize our goal

We shared the idea with other families who have relatives with ASD, we saw the need to form said Foundation, but because they are families with limited resources, we saw the need to seek financing to meet the legal, administrative and other expenses that arise to to start operation

What motivates us to develop this social welfare project is the personal experience of having a child with ASD in grade 3. Added to a mental retardation 5 years below his real age. For what we know, we live, suffer and fight daily the challenges of a "TEAMO VIDA".

Details on needed funds

Approximately About 7,437,000 Costa Rican colón are needed, it is equivalent to US $13,074.08. This corresponds is to the single start-up costs, i attached the detail of the usage in the picture below

there are more than 9 thousand children and young people with some degree of Autism that we want to support and live in poverty. Help us to help.

If this fundraising is successful, it will be very meaningful for many people.

We appreciate with your support

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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