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Warm greetings from Singapore

My name is Lynda, I am seeking support and help for my 2 children.

My child has flaws

I have 2 children, As for my eldest son, he soon will be 7 years old, he's suffering from global developmental delay. He doesn't know how to read and write. I needed help but I can't afford it, as tutor is costly in singapore, goes per hour. He is a picky eater,he gets sick easily if he takes something that he can't eat.

It has been a while since the last febrile seizure he had which was 3 years ago. My eldest son also have a little autism, It is not a serious one according to the doctor.

And my youngest son is 1 years old, he Diagnosed with eczema.

Some problem occured that i need to hire a lawyer

I have no way but to seek help, I will be going to prison soon. For a case of voluntarily causing hurt, a woman hurt my special needs son and I hurt her back. I regretted for my wrongdoings.

It happened 2013, 2016. The victim was cruel with my son even before my son was born. She also kicked his head and pushed him on his tummy. As a mother, i cannot just doing nothing when saw that.

I was angry because of that case. However, she was making the problem getting more serious and sue me. The Case has been going on since 2018, I am not really sure when my sentencing is.

If i lose and sent to prison, Only my husband that will look after the children.

We are struggling financially

Currently, my family Financial is not doing so good as well, beside i am medically unfit and an unemployed, i need to stay at home. My husband work also affected by coronavirus, my husband was put on hold from work

My husband's workplace, said that part time workers is to put on hold till business goes back to normal. And now struggling looking for jobs.

My late dad passed away in 2015, we have no one to help us except ourselves. Yesterday the baby carrier broken, we cannot buy a new one since our financial is not in good state now.

Support my child's needs

Usage of these funds is to provide for my little one, his milk powder cost me $42 it's $26 formula, Diapers, and since he's in infant care ..

Every time I need to give a can of milk powder, diapers, wet wipes, bath shampoo and his eczema cream, so i would like to get support as much as possible because i won't be able to support them if i send to prison.

I can't afford it. No savings to leave for my children.

Please help. Not doing so well and even the baby milk is going to finish soon,as if life is not getting any better. I hope airfunding works.

Thank you so much,


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