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I need to fix the house of my dreams

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My name is Adriana, I am a Biologist full time farmer and permaculturist.

a little over a year ago I managed to fulfill one of my biggest childhood dreams, to live surrounded by nature and my animals in the field that I bought

I managed to start to build the house of my dream about 1 year ago

Living surrounded by nature, together with my animals in the land which i bought with my own was my biggest dream since i was a child.

I was finally able to fullfill and get one step of my dream, i able to found and bought my own piece of land about 1 year ago.

However, after 1 year has passed, the little house that was there was in a deplorable state and it need repairs and improvements

I want to repair and improve my home

My only income is of an inherited house i rent and i live with less than $200 a month. It is only enough for my daily needs and difficult to get enough amount for repair my dream house.

My dream house still needs repairs and improvements, it still requires some small investments to refurbish it, and thus feel comfortable to be able to focus on the future and share the abundance of this land

Usage of the funds

My only income is of an inherited house i rent and i live with less than $200 a month. Sadly that is still not enough to do some of the bigger investments, like warm water, heaters and insulation of the old house, septic tank and deepening of the ground water hole.

My first investment is going to be in a heater (combustión lenta) which is one of the most effective ways of heating in the countryside where there is enough wood available.

Solar water heating panels are a second, very efficient and sustainable option for warm water, although it could easily work adding a boiler to the heater flu.

This way i can have a cozy house throughout the winter to work full time on my winter craft: felting. From working the raw wool from my own sheep, to coloring, carding and felting it into slippers, hats and many other things to sell.

Please Support my dream

in spring i start producing all the organic veggies in the garden with two polytunnels to help out and a compost with added manure from the sheep i also milk.

From them i get some delicious healthy yogurts and cheeses that i intend to produce for the market as well. Many things i have already managed to solve and fix and improve, like electricity, fencing, vegetable and egg production. I am also building a dry toilet with pallets and recycled wood. And built a shed with the same kind of materials.

If my dream house improved, i wish not only would visitors feel more welcome, but they would be infected with the enthusiasm of living in a sustainable way and harmonizing with nature.

I really appreciate all of your support!

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