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Traveling Sound Exhibition in Costa Rica

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Hello friends all over the world!

My name is Alejandro from chile, I am an Artist

I have been researching native musical instruments for a period of time.

For more than 15 years that I have been traveling in America, researching native musical instruments,

I have carried out an Education work in many indigenous and peasant communities, also in Universities and Museums.

I am interested in expanding the knowledge of these instruments, also teaching how to make them.

i want to have an exhibition of instruments originating in America through Costa Rica,

This project is mainly focused on bringing an exhibition of instruments originating in America through Costa Rica, to indigenous and peasant communities, which I have already had a first contact with a few years ago.

It is an educational project too, since I will teach children from these places how to make certain instruments

This educational program will be  free of charge, while I continuing with the research and giving talks and seminars in cultural centers of the country. To resume this work in the country that I have been doing for several years.

I need your help to pay for my trip from Chile to Costa-Rica.

The exhibition is have purpose to publicize my project, which consists of an Exhibition of Ancestral Instruments and workshops for the construction of these instruments in indigenous and rural communities in the rainforest, in order to share the profession of making organic instruments with children and young people, who do not have access to this type of workshops.

The Seminars are mainly focused on the theory and construction of clay instruments (various types of whistles and ocarinas), in a traditional way.

The Sound Exhibition has more than 50 different instruments from Ancient America, collected by more than 15 years and recreated by my own hands in my career as a musician and manufacturer of instruments of origin.

Your help will greatly help me

I believe that the approach to these instruments is a door to the development of the intuition of each person, to the sensitivity of the sound that emanates from the forests and jungles, and to the care of these.

That is why I want to resume this work in Costa Rica, in a simple way, inspired by its fauna and its ancient instruments.

I will be really grateful with all of your help. Thank you so much!

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