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Help Me Resolve the Pending Legal Issue

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Hello everyone,

I'm Jeffrey Desuyo. I was born in Nueva Ecija province in the Philippines. I live now in Parañaque city, Philippines with my family.

Currently we are in a struggle to save our livelihood

I am 38 years old and single but I provide support to my family. I have a sister who is a single mom of 3 kids and works as a private nurse. While my mom and dad are retirees from their previous job and no other means of income but from their monthly pensions.

I still have work as a cabin crew in one of the local airlines, but I can no longer compensate the payment of all of our bills. Please go on to read my story.

It was started by a vehicular accident

I was involved in vehicular accident that has 2 casualties last November 2016. It was a head-on collision between my car and another motorcycle. It caused big damage to our finances due to court hearing and processes of the papers. Later we found out that we are being financially abused by our lawyer despite of him as my childhood friend. I spent almost PHP 200,000 or $4,000 USD that time. Due to so much loses, I decided to stop working on my case and let it be in pending status until now.

Since then, a friend of our family knew our problem and decided to help us recovering some of the money we spent on the trial. She then ask us to give her an amount of money that will give me interest that can possibly could cover the money spent during the trial.

So I decided get some bank loan to give her the amount of money that she suggested. It was PHP 400,000 or $8,000 USD. She promised to return the money with the interest within 5 days. But it didn't happen until I was dumped with more debt.

Now we are more bankrupt than broke. Debts are getting high until I made some decisions to pawn everything I have until they got reposed. I have lived like this for several years, 4 years to be exact.

My disease made my situation worse

Last 2014 of May, I was diagnosed with severe immunodeficiency due to bodily stress. I always get sick every year that need hospitalization. It took straightly 2 months of having no income. My usual complication is severe pneumonia.

I was so depressed and thought my world will begin to collapse slowly as I knew that I will die anytime soon. I'm so bothered by our situation. I can't even remember everything that happened in the past 4 years. I know the struggle really pushed us to the limit until we run out of anything to do. We are in huge debt now. Lots of collecting agencies and law-firms calling our attention.

I pawned my car over and over from different lender from private to illegal lenders. Because during that time we come up to a decision to just sell it but nobody bothers to buy it maybe because of some practical reasons. I can only say that we have everything from banks to friends that we run to just to ask assistance but to no avail. Now, my car was pawned in 2 different parties. The first party was a legal lending company and the other one is a loan-shark. Both of them I cant pay. I did that purposely though I know it's a crime here in the Philippines just to have money for the our daily needs and bills.

This project is my last resort

Due to making of lots of wrong decision due to pressure of payments and check bouncing, I decided to start this project because I no longer have means of financial assistance. Hope I could get in touch to any good Samaritan who don't judge people right away and just have a good heart to help bring back the life of a person wanting to start over and wanting to have a peace of mind.

I really need to at least lighten our burden because if we won't be able to fund it, problem might get bigger and harder to resolve. It will now affect my job if a case will be filed against me, a hold departure order from the court maybe issued. Thus, this instance will destroy our livelihood and future.

I need financial assistance for the legal issue

If the case will be filed. A hold departure order will be placed and I wont be able to work and I will be dismissed at the same time if I will not be able to resolve this.

This is my last straw. And I hope people would not think I'm a scammer. I'm willing to disclose everything to the one who can help me. This legal issue that needs PHP 400,000 php or $8,000 USD if not be fulfilled will stop my livelihood and destroy my life forever.

I'm the only one to whom my family are depending. And becoming a flight attendance is the only job I have that compensates better than any other job out there. Please help me just to resolve this single area of my financial problems so I can continue to work and resolve my other financial obligation.

Peace of mind will help me refocus again and fight for the welfare of my family.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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