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Hello, warm greetings from Manila, Philippines!

My name is Joan Barrera, Mother of Andrew

Andrew was born premature

At January 21,2020 I gave birth prematurely at 29 weeks to my 3rd Son Jan Andrew due to preeclampsia or gestational hypertension.

Few days before I gave birth, my blood pressure won't go down to normal reading and it goes high as 190/110 despite proper medication and diet.

For 2 days I was hospitalized in an attempt to lower my blood pressure and prolong the baby's stay in my womb. Unfortunately when the doctors have run out of options to prolong his stay, they performed cesarean operation to save me and Andrew's life.

Andrew was diagnosed with several diseases

Andrew was doing great at first, he had a good cry and only needed oxygen to help him breathe properly . Then complications begun 48 hours after birth. All of these were diagnosed within a week.

*Intraventricular Hemorrhage- Grade 2-3 IVH. bleeding into or near the normal spaces within his brain.

*Pneumothorax- A portion of his lungs collapsed, he was intubated to help him breathe properly.

*Ductus Arteriosus- Heart problem.*Sepsis - Blood infection and had 10 day antibiotic treatment

*Jaundice - yellowish discoloration of the white part of the eyes and skin.

When the doctor said that he has a bleeding in his brain that might lead to more severe complications such as hydrocephalus or mental retardation his Dad and I had a major breakdown for we cannot bear the pain and suffering of our son. It was really devastating!

But God is good!! With all the prayers and faith, all of the complications were healed, our son Andrew surpassed all of those and the best news we have ever received so far. The bleeding which was in his brain went down from Grade 3 to 1. God is great!

Usage of the funds

Though our son is still in the hospital, we are very grateful that he is now gaining weight with no other complications. Our hospital bill is still rapidly increasing day by day because of some other procedures that need to perform to monitor our baby's health, our bill is already at Php 650,000/$11,600.

Your help, your support, will be very meaningful for us

I am currently unemployed because I quit my job last year to take care of my pregnancy, while my partner's monthly salary is not sufficient to pay our bills and expenses not to mention we have other 2 kids who are still studying.

That is why I’m reaching out for a helping hand. I hope our situation touched your heart. Any help would be appreciated, that'll be a big help for us to pay our hospital bills.

Thank you very much! God bless!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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