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Distribution of organic and biodegradable products.

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Yucatan's Herbal brand distributor.

Hi there!

I am a distributor of the Yucatan Herbal brand

I want to create an effective sales and shipping channel to streamline the sale and delivery of sustainable, biodegradable and organic personal hygiene and care products to reduce pollution of the planet through the conscious use of water with products that do not pollute and at the same time support the producing communities of the Maya region in the Yucatan area.

Yucatan Herbal product

Yucatan Herbal Sustainable (biodegradable) is in the process of being solved with refillable tanks for shampoo and liquid soap.

That is Make the product repeatable (artisanal production in volume, that is, large quantities) and also Biodegradable (non-polluting water).

I represent the team of artisant by daily strive to work in different ways to promote its products.

Seeking ways to promote and spread this product to mass

I am seeking some ways to achieve produce and go out to sell in suitable places where the product may be in greater demand,

I also creating strategies that lower the costs of rents in commercial spaces to be able to stay active and with daily sales, however the products that I manage here and Annex photos are not essential, so our sales are affected by the economic situation that prevails in our country, in some cities it is better and in others it is not, such is the case of Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, also known as the city of eternal spring

This is why I decided to manage a product of constant consumption that is of national production and that maintains the philosophy of our project,

How the funds will be used

To increasing our market and customer's chance to see our product, we require more support for advertising and sales, both online and at points of sale to be able to give samples of the product and position the brand locally.

All of the collected funds will be used for all promotion of yucatan herbal product purpose.

For now, we usually only sell the product through Annex. We traditionally handle with an experience of more than 20 years in some of the products, as a reference so that they have a history that we love what we do each in their area the producers design and manufacture and I take care of to sell.

With your support, we hope this nature friendly product from yucatan will able to save the world too!

We really appreciate all of your help.

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