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Hi there!

My name is Teresa and I live in Colombia

Mi Tiendita Caribe is my entrepreneurship project and my main job. A dream that I am built from the beginning. I am here seeking some support for to expand my dream business

Mi Tiendita, My dream Business

Mi Tiendita Caribe is a nascent company that is dedicated to exploring the Colombian Caribbean, and sells it through articles that are inspired by the idiosyncrasy of the coast

It was started in the month of November 2019, when I made several test shirts and put them on my Instagram stories and started selling them among my friends.

We started by selling T-shirts with phrases representative of the Caribbean, and then we started to expand and create more and more products.

The idea is to develop a whole line of merchandising and share with it the flavor of being coastal with the rest of Colombia and the world. We currently sell t-shirts, accessories, turbans, glasses and themed thermos ... Etc ...

I would like to expand my business

I started the business on my own, but I have always had the support of my fiancé, who is working on building a website to sell the shirts, and also later hired a friend who helps me with the designs to print on the t-shirts.

At the moment we are three people working on the project, and I as its creative director, I take care of almost everything related to entrepreneurship: managing social networks, public relations, branding design, merchandise production, packaging and shipping orders. , customer follow-up, among other things.

I don't have enough resources to make my business bigger

I have not yet reached an equilibrium point, it is too complex to undertake and money is always needed to reinvest, pay bills, produce new merchandise and expand the creative process of my brand .

I have been working on creating new networking networks through fairs and other events where I carry my business, so this also represents an investment

And well, the truth is that I don't have enough resources to achieve all this at the moment ...

Usage of the collected funds

The funds that I am collecting will be used in the payment of obligations related to my project: bank loans, re-investment in merchandise, payment of consulting fees for my graphic designer, among other operational aspects of my brand.

At the moment, I need a lot of help and positive energy to be able to emerge. That's what money is for: to invest, to work with a little more than my simple desire. I appreciate you reading my story! : D

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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