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Please help me to cure my eyes!

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Dear friends, I am very ashamed and uncomfortable to ask for something, but the situation forces me.

I ask for help, I’m 30 years old, I’m from Chelyabinsk, I have been working as a barista for 8 years, my work has become obsolete, it does not bring happiness and pleasure. I am already 30 years old, and this job is not stable and beloved.

My salary is enough only for fluid needs and paying loans, I always had a poor eyesight, and now it has started to deteriorate, it was -4, and in 2 years was fell to -6. I need laser vision correction so as not to lose it at all.

I dream of working as a railway attendant, and there you need acceptable vision, up to -1. And so it happened when I wanted to get there, they sent me to the medical board, they told me that my eyesight is very poor. My ophthalmologist insists on speedy vision correction, since a parallel deterioration in vision causes a constant migraine and due to the operation, I can improve my life, get a better job, because I love trains since childhood and always dreamed of working on the trans-Siberian railway.

The amount of 65,000 rubles is not good for me, they don’t give me a loan, I thought of changing my job with a higher salary. I want to get a job in a state-owned company that would direct my life in a better direction, pay off loans, take a mortgage and live without it. But for this I need to improve my vision.

I understand that I’m a young, hardworking guy, but I don’t even have anyone to lend such an amount. Friends support me in this, there are not many of them, but still, it would be a lot of them would not publish such an appeal. Conscience does not allow others to ask for money, because they think I love my current job, and documents and existing loans do not allow taking money in credit.

I’m an orphan, my grandmother brought me up, I inherited an apartment from my parents, but it is in an emergency building, and therefore I had to take loans to cover utility bills, and accordingly the apartment is in disrepair because there is no money for repairs. All salaries go to loans and to a meager flowing life. I am ashamed. I ask for help.

My dream is to have an operation, get a dream job and blog about the work of a guide.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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