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I'm Sedef, a 30-year-old English teacher. Emre, my boyfriend, is 29 years old and works in a private company. We live in Istanbul Kadıköy with our 2 dogs and 2 cats. We both love nature and spending time in nature, traveling since our childhood. Since we live in the city for now, we can only travel during our summer holidays or when we can escape for 1-2 days in the spaces we can find. But we want to wake up on a mountainside, not between four walls, but under the stars and by a different sea, lake or river every day. Shortly before. We are still at the stage of creating our plans, but our aim is to set off on June 1st to travel all over Turkey, sometimes by train, sometimes on foot, and when possible by hitchhiking. Maybe you will see if we can do it later, we will gradually start to go abroad and we can achieve our ultimate goal of being a lifetime traveler. At this point, you step in :)

Like almost all of our generation, we unfortunately do not have the financial means to make us very comfortable on this journey. There is a small amount of money we have accumulated for a while to realize this dream of ours, and a small amount to save until the day we set off. Our plan is to spend only enough to survive and move on, we don't need more. Because our aim is to travel, see and gain experiences. We don't care about comfort, we just need quantities that will get us from point A to point B and make it happen for as long as possible.

We are currently trying to do everything possible, with additional income, by selling items that can make money, etc. But I also thought of formations such as airfunding, which enable people to realize their dreams. I said why not and wanted to try, here I try :)

Would you like to help us realize our dream, our only purpose in life? Before we start our journey, we will open a youtube channel and you can watch the whole process from there, maybe even you want to be our constant supporters and you can join our channel. We don't have a channel at the moment, but if you follow my (@sedob) and Emre's (@emreural) instagram accounts, you can see that we share our youtube channel there when the day comes. So you can follow closely where your support goes :)

The project's deadline is 25.05.2022, because our goal is to leave on 1.06.2022.

Let me briefly talk about what exactly we need money for. First of all, our daily food needs make up the biggest part of it. Other than that, yes, we will stay in tents, but since camping is prohibited in some places, we may sometimes need to stay in camping areas, maybe in motels. So some of it will be used for our accommodation. It will be used as our travel expense at the points where we need to travel by train or bus. In short, we can say for nutrition-accommodation-transportation.

If you don't have money for these, you can say why are you going on the road, brother :)) I told you that it is an amount we save, he will manage us for a while. But our goal is not to joke, to continue traveling for life. Thanks to your support, we will try to arrange for ourselves solid works that we can do on the road while we travel and survive. We want you to help us lay the foundations of a much longer-term system, as you can understand :)

(By the way, if there is anything you would like to recommend about the online jobs I mentioned or the jobs we can do on the road, you can reach us and tell us from our instagram accounts above, which is a good idea. It will support us)

That's all I'm going to tell you :) If you have any questions or you want to ask more, you can write on Instagram again. A big thank you to everyone who has already supported, wanted to support, but only could afford to send their well wishes. You will have done something very important to us. I wish to live in a world where everyone can realize their dreams.

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