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Please help me save my Mom with Breast Cancer Stage 4

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Hello everyone!

My name is Christy from Philippines.

I'm knocking in your kind hearts to please help me save my mom, Ana Maria Imperial, 51 years old.

My mother diagnosed with Breast cancer

She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 4, Metastatic last February of this year 2020.

Due to complications she had a Pleural Effusion, sometimes referred to as “water on the lungs".

She underwent a Chest Tube Thoracostomy (CTT) or insertion of tube in the lungs to release the water and help her breathe normally. As of the moment she's still admitted and experiencing difficulty in breathing and back pain due to large tumor in her right breast.

According to doctors her case is getting worse as day passes by and cancer cells will keep on spreading to other parts of her body. Doctors are also treating her pneumonia with medicine intake.

My mom also have several diseases

Prior to this last December 2018 she was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and Type 2 Diabetes, Mellitus.

She underwent a 6-month medication for the treatment of tuberculosis and has maintenance of Insulin Injection to maintain her normal blood sugar. It hurts when I see the progress of diseases had done to her body. She became thinner since she felt ill, her suffering didn’t end there.

Last July 2018 she fainted and lost consciousness and later we found out she had Pneumothorax, it occurs when air leaks into the space between the lung and chest wall and makes her right lung collapse. She had to undergo CTT to release the air and breathe normally. She's a fighter after all and started to get well again until what happened this year.

Fund's usage

For the treatment of her breast cancer she had to undergo chemotherapy sessions to help the cancer and the tumor gets smaller and after that her right breast will be removed.

We are about to transfer her to another hospital (cheaper to be practical) and we need to settle the bills first. We badly need the funds so we can transfer her and start her chemotherapy. The tumor keeps on getting larger and larger as day passes by. We need to take action now because her case is getting worse.

We are facing financial difficulty day by day

As I’m the only one working in the family, I could no longer bear the hospital bills and her coming chemotherapy sessions and medicines.

We are humbly and sincerely knocking on your generous hearts to please help us in prayers and raise funds for us to save her. We have already sought the help of most of our close friends and relatives and despite the whole family's effort,

it is still difficult to find enough money. Also, we are currently processing the required documents to be able to ask for financial assistance from different charities. We have exhausted all our resources to be able to sustain all expenses. And I’m hoping you can help me with this fight.

Any amount will do. You may transfer or deposit on the following accounts:

Bank of The Philippine Islands(BPI)

Acct. Name: Christy Imperial

Acct. No: 2439351597


Acct. Name: Christy Imperial

Number: 09611221955

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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