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I want to support 21 children with rare diseases with therapies

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Dear all kindhearted people here,

My name is Claudia Riveros from Colombia.

I am here wants to gather support for Jerónimo Medina Foundation. I really hope with all of our power together, the children at that foundation will live happily

Jerónimo Medina Foundation, Helping the children who had cancer or who had rare diseases

I knowing about Jerónimo Medina Foundation in Bogotá Colombia just this year and I fell in love.

This started when I and a group of my friends (11 people) decided decided and planning to help a foundation of children who had cancer or who had rare diseases.

We started looking for foundations and we chose the Jeronimo Medina Foundation because it seems to us a nice cause to help them,

We gather support to help this foundation

The children in there are 21 families who fight every day for the well-being of their children and want the best for them. It motivated me to voluntarily support them in raising funds to give them physical and cognitive therapies to give a better quality of life to these 21 children who are superheroes and their parents work every second for their well-being.

There are 21 children at the foundation who have the following diseases: autism, Pitt Hopkins syndrome, hypotonic child syndrome + static encephalopathy with mental retardation, congenital hyperinsulinism, hydrocephalus, pachygyria, myelomeningocele, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), asperger, angelman , holoprosencephaly and dyskinesia of the corpus callosum, 9p syndrome

We decided to choose this foundation because they do not have money to do physical or cognitive therapy for children and we voluntarily want to raise funds to help these children.

This is the website of the foundation:

How the funds will be used

We would like to support with 1,500USD and I would like to support with much more, if possible with 3,000USD.

The reason is because they are 21 children and they all need physical, cognitive, language and recreational therapies, which are expensive and my idea to start is to pay them 3 therapies for children and if we can collect more money than 1,500 USD it would be great because we could leave them much more therapies paid.

With everything that we can raise, we will send the collected funds to the institutions that we make an agreement so that the therapies for the children in the foundation became cheaper. The foundation will NOT receive the cash, the foundation will receive paid therapies in each of the entities that we buy so that all children can go to these entities to receive them and each child will have different therapies according to the disease they have.

Let's help the children in the foundation have a better quality of life

With the various therapies for children to attend, since their parents cannot pay them and thus, that children have the conditions they need to improve and to someday be able to speak, walk, and enjoy life better.

Join me in this beautiful cause that I want to do from the heart !!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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