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Raising funds to support the victims of the recent floods in Kerala.

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Hello! My name is Akhil and I live in Kottayam, India.

My hometown has suffered damage due to recent floods and I would like to raise some funds to help the affected people.

About the floods in Kerala

It happened due to the monsoon, that visits our region every year bringing a lot of rain.

This year the downpour was heavy and as a result the shutters of few dams were opened and places which are lying in low altitude got affected. Death victims are more than 300.

Thousands were evacuated from their houses. Some people are still lying isolated without food and basic necessities. Diseases will be spreading very soon as water level starts decreasing now.

The city where I'm living now hasn't got so affected but my hometown has been really damaged. Some relatives and friends have lost their houses.

I want to send the support amount through Red Cross.

The government is doing the best to serve suffering people together with the Army and Navy.

Although I'm not there, I also want to help. Until the roads are fixed I couldn't be here by myself but at least I would like to send economic support.

My brother is collaborating with Red Cross, so I think it would be a good option when sending the support amount.

Helping in reconstruction work

My aim is to help in as many ways as possible not only to my relatives and friends.

I would like to send more economic support but I'm not a rich person. After thinking a lot I've realized that Airtripp Funding would be a good option to raise funds for the victims!

I really hope you can collaborate with us too!

When transportation facilities are fixed I will be able to travel to the most damaged areas and directly help.

Details on needed funds

To get medical supplies, food, drinks, etc. $2,800 are needed. I will provide my own savings, so I hope I can raise at least $2,000 for the victims.


As I've explained, I'm thinking to send the funds through an organization like Red Cross.

When the roads are fixed I will travel myself to collaborate directly.

Every dollar is important and necessary for the victims to get them medicines, food, clothes, etc. and I would appreciate your help from my heart!

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